Our aim has always been the creation of a new, creative and innovative solutions for Concept Design, Networking, Education and Cultural Events. All our spaces were designed and conceptualized by Ines Pires. A modern, warm and creative space as a response to the contemporary life.

Do you imagine following workshops inside of an art gallery? Surrounded by art and music? spending a day using both sides of your brain? Presenting your product with creativity, music and the right events management? Learning in a unique scenario?

If you believe that innovation is the key of education, that creativity is the solution for progress and all comes together at the encounter of people. Our concept is for you. The Unique reality of an event is the gathering of the us where we want to belong and where we want that our relationships feel at home.

All begun with the Interior Design passion of Ines Pires and her strong believe that balance begins at home. For a conscious worker and a contemporary human being it is necessary to combine comfort, lifestyle and charisma.

As professional organiser and concepts researchers, she soon saw that the events standards in brussels were weak, the ranks misused, the flags ignored and the excellence of the results of an official event underrated. Parallel, brussels citizens needs encounters, networking and solutions for their own minds what she called: “Cross Cultural Lifestyles”.

This concept is for the generations of travelers, that learns, that wants to be above themselves everyday. The generation that is building the future and needs a key and fast solution in one hand, but a balanced and designed result in the other. Our venues offer a combination within the concept of the new art of living that response to the action cycle of the cross cultural lifestyle Exclusive Events Spaces, Training & Meeting Rooms and Designed Flats

Ines Pires, Phd Researcher, MA, PG, BA

International Consultant, Project Manager and Concept Designer

Designing Global Concepts as consultant and founder of ISPD Protocol & Diplomacy and Innovation in Diplomacy Network, Author and Public Speaker

Ines Pires is a renowned strategist. She was born in 1976, studied economics and obtained a MA in International Politics and PG in Communication & Image and Protocol & Ceremonial.
She is a PHd Candidate doctorate in Concept Design.
Ines Pires has career of 20 years across multidisciplinary fields. Her true belief that design thinking and the understanding of international concepts are interlinked, boosted the idea that there is no life without design and no "problem solving" without creativity. Ines Pires Gallery projects bring to life arts and professionalism in one voice. 

 Ines Pires speaks 8 languages, served in 17 countries and lives her passions of concept designer, author and public speaker.

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