We do not offer apartments we offer a concept of living, a cross cultural lifestyle.

Nowadays people want to have the world in their hand. In Japan people are fond of Portuguese and Italian food, in Europe there is a wave of Sushi restaurants and nutrition studies. Capoeira sport is practiced in Korea and yoga is popular in Europe. The trend worldwide is to get to know "the other culture", even if that means confronting the antagonism, the unknown, the conflict between cultures expressed in the concept of ying and yang. People are thirsty for the differences and the trend is to be acculturated regardless of your location. Interior design is no exception because it can pose crucial questions about the role of our environment in the workplace. Does interior design reflect our way of life? Does colour influence our productivity and spirit? Does colour affect our digestion of food and ideas? Does it apply to our ability to concentrate? Can a specific colour influence the range of productivity within a company? Can a colour make repetitive tasks more stimulating?

Trendy, flexible and Informal.

A flexible space concepts that combines short lease with home designed environment.

Just bring your suite case once we have the rest. Kitchen equipped with tableware, cooking utensils, bed linens, Iron; Business Centre Services available, Breakfast vouchers available with our partners.

Bathroom equipped with Hairdryer and towels, Cleaning & Laundry services once per week.

Brussels Information pack, Internet access, Electricity, Gaz, water and other costs included in the price, Iron among other amenities.

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