What are the prices of the Spaces?

Our basic packages for the Training, Workshop & Board Rooms and the Flats you have the full prices and combinations at the prices page. For the Gallery and Events Spaces the fee depends on the type of event you want to put together, the number of people, the amenities and appliances you need to use and if you need or cross cultural events design organisation services. Gives a call and send us an email as much as detailed as possible or download the Event Checklist PDF at downloads and we get back to you in 48 hours.

Information & Reservations:

Phone: +32 2 830 12 22
Mob: +32 488 901962
eMail: info@inespires.gallery


What are the capacities of your spaces?

Our Training Room Can Host 30 People seated and 40 in standing Debate

Our Board Room can host 12 Delegates

Our Workshop Room can host 4 Individual Co-Workers and a meeting room for 8 Delegates

Our Gallery can host between 20 to 150 people depending on the set up

At our One-Bedroom Flats can sleep 4 (2 in the bedroom and 2 at the leaving room);


What is Included in the Renting fee?

Exhibitors Cubes, Walls hangers, Cloakroom (but not the cloak service), Bar & basic Kitchen Equipment, 3 Sofas, Wardrobe and 10 chairs. It is possible to rent extra furniture or amenities such as Cocktail High Tables, Music Instruments or Projector. If you would like to receive or Information Kit please drop us a line or give us a call.


Can I bring my own cocktail provider and sounds technician?

It’s your event. We are service providers free. Have partners but we do not commissioned any supplier. You will need to provide an event caterer as our kitchen supplies are limited. If you need and do not have contacts we are happy to provide you with a list.


There are pre reservation date fees?

You can book a date with us and change it accordingly to availability for a month. after a month reservation fees apply.


Where are your spaces located?


How to organise my Event?

If you need to organise your corporate event and you don't know how we are a dedicated Cross Cultural Events Design Organizers from A to Z: From the Idea, to the Concept, to the Logistics and and Results Measurement. together with the ISPD Protocol & Diplomacy we can train as well your team of volunteers and staff. We are protocol experts, your Exclusive Standards will never be the same again. Just ask us a quote.


Do I have to have an insurance and about the hours?

You need always to have an insurance to organise an event, if are both private or corporate. Accordingly to Belgium law different hours are allowed accordingly to the type of event that you would like to organise. We are happy to go the requirements with you on that.

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